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  • Can I make a reservation for next summer?
    Starting June 1 of the current summer, we'll begin accepting reservations for the next summer. This early reservation option is only for stays of one week or longer. You'll need to make reservations with our Campers’ Paradise reservation specialist. These requests can't be handled by our office staff. Please call the off-season phone number, 763-477-5401, and leave a message.
  • What is the Permanent List?
    The Permanent List is a type of standing reservation that you can request. This means that your reservation will occur the same week, but not the same date, every summer until you ask us to remove your reservation from the Permanent List. You'll need to arrange for this type of reservation with our Campers’ Paradise reservation specialist. These requests can't be handled by our office staff. To request being added to the Permanent List, please call the off season phone number, 763-477-5401, and leave a message.
  • How does the Permanent List work?
    Once your reservation is added to the Permanent List, it will be recurring each year. If you cancel your reservation the first year it's on the Permanent List, it becomes ineligible for the Permanent List and will no longer be considered recurring. If you cancel your Permanent List reservation two years in a row, it will be removed from the Permanent List. Note: Due to the nature of the calendar, every six years the arrival date of all Permanent List reservations moves out six days. The next time this happens is 2027.
  • How do I get added to the Permanent List?
    Permanent List requests must be handled by our reservation specialist and not our office staff. To speak with our reservation specialist, please call the off-season number at 763-477-5401 and leave a message.
  • When are confirmation letters mailed out for pre-existing/Permanent List reservations?
    Confirmation letters for pre-existing/Permanent List reservations for the upcoming camping season are mailed on the last Friday in February.
  • Are there seasonal sites (same site for the entire summer) available?
    We do not offer reservations for seasonal sites. However, some campers have managed, over our 60+ years of welcoming campers, to book openings or cancellations for a specific site. These become Permanent List reservations, and eventually, the campers pick up enough consecutive reservations to build an entire season of camping. We aren't exaggerating — this can take decades to book one site for an entire summer.
  • Is there a waiting/call-back list for campsites, seasonal or other?
    Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, as a family-run campground, we're not able to manage a waiting or call-back list of any kind.
  • Is there a minimum stay?
    Lakeside sites require a week-long stay (6-day minimum – the 7 th consecutive day is free). Holidays (Memorial Weekend, 4th of July and Labor Day) require a 3-day minimum stay. All inside sites (those that aren't lakeside) don't have a minimum stay requirement, except for the holidays listed.
  • How do I reserve a lake site?
    While all Lakeside spots are usually booked for the summer, we do have limited availability typically at the end of May and beginning of June. But feel free to give us a call. We recommend that you check with us on April 15 to see if any lakeside sites have opened up due to cancellations since most reservations don't change during the off-season until deposits are due.
  • What methods of payments are accepted?
    We only accept cash or checks – NO credit cards.
  • Can I book a site online?
    Due to varying site sizes, equipment sizes, and specific reservation requirements and configurations, we don't offer online bookings. We ask that you contact us via phone/voicemail, or email and work with our reservation staff to find a site and make a reservation.
  • Do you have pictures of the campsites?
    Not officially. Many new campers visit the unofficial Campers’ Paradise Facebook Group to ask about specific campsites. We have a wonderful network of repeat campers so it’s common for someone in the Facebook group to have pictures of a specific site.
  • What is supplied with a campsite?
    Every site has a picnic table, fire pit and a 110/30/50 electric connection.
  • Do you have full hookups?
    We only offer electric hookups but there is a water-filling station along the main road just before the shower house. We don't have a dumping station. Please ask our office staff about one of the multiple black- and gray-water dumping stations near the campground or the onsite pumping option provided by a local vendor. Proper dumping is extremely important for our campground. Any black or gray water dumped in campsites could have serious and expensive repercussions for the island and beautiful Lake Belle Taine. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Can we bring our own firewood?
    The DNR and the State of Minnesota prohibit the transportation of firewood to prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer and other pests, so we ask that you do not bring outside firewood to the campground. We sell both logs and chimneys onsite.
  • Are dogs allowed at the campground?
    Yes! We do allow canine campers. We ask that you adhere to a few basic rules: - Please pick up and bag all dog poop and dispose of it in the garbage. - All dogs must be leashed when outside of your campsite. - For the peace of your camping neighbors, please don't let dogs continuously bark or howl.
  • How many vehicles can we have on our site?
    Typically, we limit vehicles to two per paying family. This may vary depending on which site you have, what type and size of equipment you're camping in, and how many people will be on the site. However, unless you've discussed this with our reservation staff please observe the two-vehicle limit. Note that some sites are quite small and may only allow one vehicle due to space restrictions, so be sure to check with our reservation staff for smaller sites.
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