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Arriving at the Island


All campers and guests must check-in and register at the office upon arrival.


Check-in times


Check-in time: 1 p.m.

Check-out time: 11 a.m.


Check-in time: 3 p.m.

Check-out time: 10:30 a.m.

Customers checking-in early or staying past check-out time will be charged for an additional day of camping. This also applies if you pull your camping equipment into a friend’s or relative’s site before or after our check-in/check-out times.



For our campground to be licensed and continue operating, the State of Minnesota requires us to collect the make, model, and license plate for every vehicle that stays on the island. This includes day visitors.


There is a two-vehicle limit per family/camping unit. Site sizes may vary and may only allow for one vehicle. The number of vehicles allowed should be discussed with us when making your reservation. Vehicles can't be parked on roadsides and must fit within the perimeter of your campsite during your stay. 


Car Tags

When you check-in, you'll be issued a plastic car tag for each of your vehicles. Car tags must be visible to Campers' Paradise staff. They can be hung on your rearview mirror or displayed on your front dash. Please return your car tags at checkout. There is a $20 fee per tag that isn't returned.


Trailer Holding Tanks

BOTH black and gray water must be contained in your holding tanks the entire time you're camping and disposed of properly when your stay is over. This means NO dumping of black OR gray water on the island, the easement road or county roads. 


There are 4 dumping stations in the area at Nevis, Akeley, Walker and Park Rapids for your convenience. Also, we have a service that pumps tanks each Thursday for a fee. Make arrangements at the office.


Maintaining Campsite Privacy

Our woods provide the privacy between campsites that makes Campers' Paradise unique. But through the years we've seen the woods diminish due to being parked on and walked on continuously each summer. Several of the campsites have almost doubled in size over the years from customers going beyond the edges of the sites. Every season we see vehicles, trailers, tents, hammocks, kayaks, bikes, coolers, tarps, etc., being placed in the area surrounding the campsites. In some of the campsites we have placed large boulders to indicate the boundaries. 


Please keep all of your vehicles, equipment and people INSIDE THE FOOTPRINT of the site. If you see someone damaging the trees and foliage please let us know immediately.



The Minnesota DNR prohibits the transportation of firewood. Firewood brought into the campground isn't allowed. You can purchase firewood at the office.


Other Equipment

Campers’ Paradise doesn't allow golf carts, motorbikes, electric scooters or bikes, ATVs, dune buggies or unusually loud vehicles.


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Lake Belle Taine is an exceptionally clean and clear lake. Let’s keep the AIS out! Clean all watercraft before you arrive. This includes the boat, motor, trailer, oars, anchor, rope and additional floatation devices and toys. Watercraft must be launched at the Nevis public access where the DNR will perform an AIS inspection. This includes all boats, personal watercraft, (jet skis) and kayaks.

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