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During Your Stay


Campground quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m., 7 days a week.


Campers’ Paradise has ZERO TOLERANCE for late-night loud gatherings, profanity, public intoxication, underage drinking, excessive late-night vehicle traffic, and operation of motor vehicles while intoxicated. Failure to observe these simple rules of consideration and safety will result in eviction and/or arrest. Vandals will be prosecuted!



We have an area for garbage and recycling. ONLY bagged garbage is allowed in the black dump trailer, and ONLY recycling goes into the blue recycling bin. There is a sign showing what items can be put into the blue recycling bin. If you have odd items such as broken lawn chairs, coolers or tents, cardboard boxes, etc., please place them in the designated area behind the black dump trailer.


Speed Limits

The speed limit on the island is 5 mph, except for a small portion of the main road where the maximum speed is 10 mph. Due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic, do not exceed the posted speed limits. All motorized vehicles must be operated by licensed drivers only. Careless, reckless or drunken driving will not be tolerated.


Water Trampolines

The water trampolines close at dusk each day and equipment/hardware is placed on them for maintenance reasons. The trampolines are available for use once the maintenance equipment is removed each morning. Please don't remove or tamper with any hoses, hardware, straps, springs, chains or parts attached to the trampolines.



Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior. All pets must be kept within your campsite. If you're walking your pet, please make sure it's leashed. Pets running at large isn't allowed. Please PICK UP ALL PET WASTE. There are poop bags available outside of the main bathrooms and in the office circle. DO NOT leave or throw pet waste into the woods. Dispose of bagged pet waste in the garbage.


Barking or howling dogs are not allowed.



For safety purposes pedestrians and bicycles must give the right-of-way to motorized vehicles on all roads, causeway and bridge.


Children 5 years and under must be accompanied by an adult while using the main shower/bathroom facilities.


No firearms of any kind are permitted at Campers’ Paradise. This includes BB guns, pellet guns, sling shots or similar projectiles.


Please respect your surroundings, the island and its accommodations. Willful damage to ANY Campers’ Paradise properties, including plant and wildlife, could result in eviction, without refund, and the legal pursuit of claims for damages.

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